Gelli Paintings

I start my Gelli paintings by creating a single monoprint* in acrylic paint on paper (usually) or canvas. Next, I accentuate and embellish them with color pencil, alcohol inks or pens, more paint, and/or gel pens. Various images are revealed to my consciousness in this process. My Gelli paintings are various sizes on a variety of papers and/or canvasses, depending on what materials I have on hand when I get the bug to start printing.

What is a Monoprint?

*Most printmaking processes allow for multiple originals. A form of printmaking where the image can only be made once is called a monoprint. Basically, the artist paints directly on a smooth non-absorbent plate (such as glass or plexiglass). Generally, they use a media such as printers ink. Next, the artist transfers the image to paper through pressure. The result is a single original print.

A gelli plate monoprint may look like any other monoprint. The difference is in the process because of the equipment used. The gelli plate is made of a more permeable substance than glass, or even plexiglass. It is very flexible as well. A Gelli plate is a clear gelatinous slab. It works real well with acrylic paint as the media. This flexibility provides a wide variety of possibilities.

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