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Inspirational Art

There is a flow to inspiration. In my experience when I am in that flow, it is as if I am downloading from some joyous source outside of my “self.” The feeling of it, the joy of it, is the same, no matter what the expression. Whether writing, dancing, drawing, reading stones, sculpting, creating raw food dishes, singing, or painting, there is a release of self, and an acceptance of guidance. That acceptance opens the door to much more than I could expect to access on my own.

Doing Art as a Service

Frequently, when I am in creative flow, the results are “inspirational,” not only to others, but to me as well. It is my intention to be a hollow bone, a channel for light and goodness. It is how I am of service. I lean into the process with open heart and full faith. This “work” is what I offer to you. It is my hope that you receive what was meant for you. May you experience as much joy (or more), as I did creating it.


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