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Ink in a Pen, on a Stick, from a Brush

I am grounded in drawing. As a process, drawing provides the doorway to emotion, creativity and my psyche. It doesn’t matter where I am, I’m always drawing with whatever media or surface is available, in the dirt with a stick, if necessary. This is a sampling of my ink drawings.

A Love of Drawing in Ink

It was in my first Life Drawing Class that I fell in love with ink. We would do one and two minute poses with ink on a sharpened stick. There was not time to worry about it. We were given only enough time to translate the gesture, the essence, of the live figure with the ink sodden twig. The commitment of the immutable mark to paper, the permanence of each stroke, each thought expressed, demands a presence of consciousness. It is this condition, this now-moment endeavor to quality, that provides an open door to inspiration.

Ink Drawings to E-Drawings

Years later, when I began working in Photoshop, and later, Illustrator, I discovered the electronic benefits of having developed strong skills in ink drawing. Many  times, whether creating a layered fine art image, an illustration, or a logo, I will start with an ink drawing.