Illustration Portfolio

Illustration is visual story-telling. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and all that. Most all of my figurative 2D fine art work appears to be illustrative. Without much applied imagination, stories can be easily derived from almost every one of them. And, the longer someone lives with one of my pieces, a deeper and richer storyline is revealed.

I also do intentional illustrations for pre-existing stories.  Here, there are a few samples of illustration for various projects. I’ve done 100s of audiobook cover illustrations, several CD covers, and a good number of full books, including children’s books. Check out a few of the audiobook covers that I have illustrated here.

I can do original illustrations reminiscent of virtually any style, as well as in my own unmistakable style. I love doing commission work. There is some kind of excitement fired up by the challenge of meeting (or usually exceeding) a clients vision that really gets my creative juices going. Write to me with your specifications and requests.

What are your illustration needs?