The Mask (detail)Who is this Joyful Artist?

About the artist, in my own words: I am an inspirational artist, authentic and versatile illustrator, intuitive graphic designer, and multi-faceted creative spirit. My work is uniquely alive and rich in quality, as it reflects my dedication to being fully engaged in all that I work on, in every conscious moment of every day.

Creative expression is my lifeblood. Doing art is somewhere at the very center of my being. It is not only what I do; it is who I am. It is the magic that binds my life together, and helps me to make sense of it all. It is a joyous, wonderful experience for me; a constantly expanding adventure that I feel compelled to include in my daily life. It is borne of my conscious connection to True Source.

My life is a tapestry of unusual and diverse experiences. My work is reflective of that diversity and my deep and abiding connection to Spirit, as I live my mission: “To act as a catalyst for growth by channeling Spirit’s Love, Light, and Joy in whatever creative energy form it expresses through me.”

I recognize guidance by the joy it imparts in my heart, so I have declared it my job to discover how much joy I can handle, and then expand on that. I have found that the more I simply follow guidance, the more I say yes! to my “intuition,” that I just experience more and more joy in life. So I thrive on saying yes! to it, and my clients reap the benefits.

About the Artist: My Herstory

I consider myself a kind of Renaissance woman, as my life is an unusual tapestry of experience and my personality a unique blend reflective of that history.

Born and raised in California, I am the eldest child in a family of primarily Scandinavian descent. I am certain that there was some kind of Gypsy spirit that permeated my parents, as we moved at least once a year every year of my life until the last part of high school. The variety of living situations and exposure to mixed social flavors provided my psyche with an expansive palette for creative expression in life.

For example, when I was 10 we lived in a tract home in Walnut Creek for several months, a tent on a gold mine stake in the mountains for 2-3 months, a 14-bedroom mansion with a full size ballroom for 1-2 months, then finally “settled” for the school year in a quaint lumber mill house next to the small town roller-skating rink. There was a depth and richness to this lifestyle that I’ve always appreciated.

A master at adaptability, by necessity, I developed independent creative thought processes. Most years our family had no TV. I loved to draw, read and write, collect rocks, and invent things, because these were things I could do irrespective of my surroundings and available entertainments. I developed a truly eclectic expertise in moment-by-moment life-fluency.

I hold a B.A. and a M.A. in art from CSU Chico, community college credentials in Art and Related Technologies, English, and Dance, and an assortment of awards and recognitions. I am constantly upgrading my knowledge base.

The myriad areas of study and experience have included: sculpture, painting, drawing, stained glass, mosaics, carpentry, plumbing, quilting, cooking, un-cooking (raw food preparation), dance, voice, herbology, meditation, Native American practices, shamanism, mineralogy, ceramics, intuitive graphic design, photography, illustration, and writing. I have taught, sharing my love of all of these different expressions at community colleges, in public schools to students of all grade levels, through 3 different art councils, and through many other public and private venues.

I am passionate about life, and dedicated to sharing my exuberance for a quality life with others. I am currently working on a series of paintings, writing a book about Intuitive Stone Reading & Fortune Sculpting, and expanding my knowledge base of effective website building. I make my living as a freelance intuitive graphic designer. I love what I do.

Every moment of life is a gift