The discovery of watercolor woke up a whole new world for me. A medium that can be controlled down to the nth degree, watercolor is most enjoyable when allowed freedom to flow.

I had a dream one night where I was playing wild and crazy with watercolor, then laid in a layer of color pencil. It is a happy dance: building layer upon layer of loose watercolor and controlled discovery with prismacolors.

An unhappy event led to many happy discoverys and joyous epiphanies. After a situation where the glass was broken on almost 40 framed watercolors at one time, I started cutting them up and attaching them to canvas as collage pieces in acrylic mixed media paintings. It was one of those very uncomfortable blessings.

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ArtistJoyful=the joyful artist called Dena McKitrick. A versatile and eclectic fine artist conversant in many media, I have a unique style which is apparent no matter what material is used. My expression is intentionally spiritual, whimsical and joyful. You are invited to discover your favorites among the wide variety  of the fine art work displayed here at ArtistJoyful.com.

I can also deliver your vision as pristine illustrations and high caliber custom graphics. I have illustrated 100’s of audiobook covers, and several print books, including children’s books, Katubah’s and marriage contracts, greeting cards and other custom presentations.

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