An Eclectic Plethora of Media

This 22’x12′ mural began as a project for the summer youth art camp at Spirit in the Arts. It was installed on their building, overlooking the parking lot until right before they left the building. The community dedication for this mural was inspiring. Since it featured the faces of many local people, and celebrated the diversity there, it was welcomed with open arms. There were Aztec dancers, the Hmong youth brass band, hotdogs and artists. I’ve created several murals, both permanent and temporary. This one was the most public.


Sidewalk chalk painting = illuminari, a temporary mural. I participated in Illuminary festivals for several years, representing the Placer Arts Council as well as several businesses through the years. I also taught chalk painting to hundreds of school children as a guest artist at a middle school as we co-created a 12’x17′ illuminary in the middle of their “quad” area.


Hand built and carved ceramics are part of my 3D-Maker history. A very good friend of mine was the ceramics instructor at a college where I also taught. She taught me to hand build using coil and slab techniques which I loved. The two of us commuted to college together and attended several workshops together.

One of these was a Susan and Steven Kemenyffy workshop. At that time, they were collaborating on their large vessel pieces. In the workshop, they demonstrated on a large slab piece. Watching Susan draw one her beautiful women on the pre-fired clay, and painting it with underglazes was inspirational to me. One of these pieces below was directly inspired by that experience.

After that, I had bought some green ware teapots to paint for my sisters for Christmas. As I was drawing a sketch of what I wanted to paint (with underglazes), my mechanical pencil dug into the surface. That led to a few years exploration, carving large green ware and/or hand built pieces, which I completely painted with underglazes before first firing.

Other Mixed Media Projects