Pencil drawings


GairWindwalker (.5mm automatic pencil)


I started out drawing with just a pencil, usually one of those big fat kindergarten pencils. I love the feel of one of those big pencils in my big hand and the soft dark markings of kindergarten pencils. I still have some in my store of implements. I also especially like the Faber-Castell Jumbo pencils. I have several of every softness from 2B to 8B. When I started doing the large complicated pencil drawings though, I switched to .5mm soft lead automatic pencils.

In grade school I was frequently asked to draw the illustration for whatever project we students were working on. First draft was always in pencil. A discipline she developed was starting at the upper left hand corner and drawing down to the right, not going back to rework, as the supersoft leads had a tendency to smear.

Caterpillar 20"x30" (.5mm automatic pencil)This piece, “Caterpillar”, is one of a series done like that.

Detail from Caterpillar

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