Inspirations and Projects

How many is too many projects? One of my nicknames is “Too Many.” My husband lovingly calls me that because he recognizes me as a maker. Part of the creative energy of a maker seems to be that I act as a magnet for stuff. I rarely have just one of something. If I have anything important to me, I most likely have multiples of it. And when I seek a certain kind of experience, many opportunities arise. A lifelong challenge has been limiting what I allow into my circle. “It’s all so cool!”

Projects Abound

More than things, or experiences, however, is a plethora of ideas, inspirations, and exciting projects. A few of these which have actually come to some kind of fruition include:

The Daily Napkin – a Daily Poem Ritual

The Daily Napkin

Serenity Cards – celebrating life and recovery One Card at a time

Serenity Cards

Stones of Change – Intuitive Readings and Fortune Sculpting

The Stones of Change

Women’s Wisdom and the Medicine Way

Women's Wisdom Circle

Souls Journey – An Eclectic Kiirtan Band

Souls Journey