Ink Drawings

There is nothing like the crispness of nicely done ink drawings. Marks created with naught but paper, pen and ink, whether line or dot, pristine or scribbly, are one of my passions.

It is true that I am grounded in drawing. As a process, drawing provides a doorway to emotion, creativity and the psyche. It doesn’t matter where I am as I am always drawing. I will draw with whatever media or surface is available. Heck, I’d draw in the dirt with a stick, if that was all that was available. Still, inks clean lines hold my passion.

The Power of the Pen

There is something luxurious, yet honest, about a good pen. First off, I am drawn in by the looks of a pen. That has little to do with the reason I will buy a pen. Ease and consistency of ink flow are important features to me. I also pay attention to ink drying time and the quality of the finished line. I feel abundant when I have a tool in hand that scores high on all of these counts. I am rendered powerful. I am ready to create ink drawings.

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