Drawing on Inspiration

I use whatever media is at hand for drawing on inspiration. Opening up to the urges instilled by my Muses, or whatever other other term works for you to express the idea and the reality of divine guidance.  I’ve always drawn. It helps me listen. It is a meditation.

Drawing on Inspiration with Pencil

As an adult, I started drawing in earnest with pencil, after drawings from my sketchbook were selected to be part of a student show as CSUChico. It began with .5mm pencil.

Detail from Inspirational pencil drawing called Catepillar

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Drawing on Inspiration with Ink

I first started using ink in life drawing classes, right out of high school. There is a commitment involved as I am drawing on inspiration awakened by trust in the process. The finality of a decision made quickens my courage, whether I go on to live with the mark as is, or endeavor to mask, cover, or change it.

doodle drawing on inspiration

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Adding Color

Color adds a whole different component. It took a long time for me to get comfortable drawing with color. It had always mastered me, as I have such a full bodied response to color. I can almost taste it, curling the back of the tongue. Sometimes brilliant colors will overwhelm all of my senses, quenching, and then over-satiating my innermost longing to take it all in. There is intrinsic power in the lightest blending of colors, and the rich layering of variations of a color theme will bring tears.

Pouty smile in oil pastel and ink

Today, it does my heart good to see so many people doing ink drawings as well as so many ink drawing being sold as adult coloring opportunities. It’s long been a closet compulsion within me to create ink drawings so that I can color them. I love it that many in the adult world are embracing this enthusiasm.

drawing on inspiration of the moment - flower doodle


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