Audiobook Covers

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Do you have it covered?

Does your book cover get lost in the teeming crowd of ordinary, or just plain “blah” covers? Do they really convey your message? Would you like your title to practically jump off the shelf into the customer’s hands?

I’m Dena, a versatile illustrator and graphic artist. I will translate your vision into outstanding custom images that stand out from the rest. Beginning in the field illustrating and creating audiobook covers for a national publisher, I’ve learned to create compelling covers for any publication.

It’s rare for a fine artist to be able to bridge the chasm between inspirational art and commercially savvy graphics. My clients love me because I provide them images that make them proud AND draw their ideal customers.

It Starts with the illustration.

Another View - the audiobook coverBertrams Hotel audiobook cover



Your story is your story, and no one elses. If your illustration looks like everyone else’s, it doesn’t convey why your story is the one to choose. The entire cover design quality hinges on the quality of your illustration. Your book deserves an appealing look that draws your audience.


Mystery of the Blue Train audiobook cover

Another consideration is if you are working on a series, or stringing several works together. Each cover must stand on it’s own, yet you also want a cohesive look.

Enter a Murderer audiobook coverNight at the Vulcan audiobook cover


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