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Inspirational Art on T-shirts or?

dress your bowling team
or gift your mom

I can’t help myself. I just think my work on stuff is really great! So I have a few things available on Cafepress.

Welcome to the ArtistJoyful Shop. Click on any image to see more detail, more related products (such as different designs of the same product, the same design on a different product, or another thing entirely) or to order.

Tote bags – save trees with beautiful bags

Daughter of Sun ToteChild WithinRed Angel Tote

spaceDaughter of the Sun spaceChild WithinspaceRed Angel


Cougar Clan t-ShirtBlue Angel T-ShirtChild Within T-Shirt

spacespaceCougar Clan T-ShirtspaceBlue Angel T-ShirtspaceChild Within T-Shirt

Wild Angel trivetIris Girl JournalWWC hat

Wild Angel Tile TrivetspaceIris Girl journalspaceWisdom Circle Logo Cap

And then there are mugs. I love taking a painting of mine and re-designing it to fit on a mug. Uplifting messages, and unique art make these mugs great gifts! It’s sometimes hard to see how the mug will look on all sides, so I’ve included some whole images.


Daughter of the Sun mugAwake MugGathering mug

space7Daughter of the Sun mugspace7Awake mugspace7Gathering mug

These are samplings of some of the mug designs which wrap around the mug as shone above.

Awake mug full design Awake mug


Daughter of the Sun mug design Daughter of the Sun


Feline mugFeline mug


Gathering mug Gathering mug


Grandmother Running Water mug Runningwater


Guardian mugGuardian mug


Light Shine mugLight Shine mug


Lotus mugLotus mug


Meditator mugMeditator mug


Reflection mugReflection mug

every moment of life is a gift