Illustration Portfolio


Most all of my 2D artwork appears to be ¬†illustrative – there is always some story attached to my artwork, even when I don’t consciously know what it is.

I also do illustrations. ¬†Here are a few samples of illustration for various projects. Check out a few of the 100’s of the audiobook covers I illustrated. I can do original illustrations reminiscent of virtually any style, as well as in my own unmistakable style. I love doing commission work. There is some kind of excitement fired up by the challenge of meeting (or usually exceeding) a clients vision that really gets my creative juices going. Write to me with your specifications and requests.

Samples of illustration from the book Penny Has a Great Day by Robert Swartz

Gift tag illustration Illustrated Support Group poem

Illustration for Rex Stout audio book cover - Audio Partners Illustration for Rex Stout audio book cover

Illustration for Ngaio Marsh audio book cover Another illustration for Ngaio Marsh mystery audio book cover

Floral stamp illustration Imaginary flower

Illustration done in adobe illustratorIllustration that says sometimes still lifes just won't hold still


Katubah - Marriage contract illustration