watercolor feline

The discovery of watercolor woke up a whole new world for me. A medium that can be controlled down to the nth degree, watercolor is most enjoyable when allowed freedom to flow.

watercolor and prismacolor

I had a dream one night where I was playing wild and crazy with watercolor, then laid in a layer of color pencil. It is a happy dance: building layer upon layer of loose watercolor and controlled discovery with prismacolors.

An unhappy event led to many happy discoverys and joyous epiphanies. After a situation where the glass was broken on almost 40 framed watercolors at one time, I started cutting them up and attaching them to canvas as collage pieces in acrylic mixed media paintings. It was one of those very uncomfortable blessings.


ArtistJoyful=the joyful artist called Dena McKitrick. A versatile and eclectic fine artist conversant in many media, I have a unique style which is apparent no matter what material is used. My expression is intentionally spiritual, whimsical and joyful. You are invited to discover your favorites among the wide variety  of the fine art work displayed here at ArtistJoyful.com.

I can also deliver your vision as pristine illustrations and high caliber custom graphics. I have illustrated 100’s of audiobook covers, and several print books, including children’s books.

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What if instead of coloring in a mass produced adult coloring book, you “colored” a one-of-a-kind original image with paint on canvas? In the process, you would have instruction available covering how to work with transparent liquid acrylics.  There will also be tips and tricks to help you complete your own unique co-created painting.

Does this idea appeal to you? Check out Co-Creationals!

There’s a Reason Adult Coloring Books are The Rage!

Everywhere you look there are adult coloring books available. Heck, you can even find a rich variety at the Dollar Store.  You might wonder what that’s all about, if you’ve never indulged in the activity of making a plain black and white drawing into a colorful beauty. The answer is simple. The process of immersing one’ self in coloring is a meditative practice, a way of delving into a light-hearted communion. It is highly satisfying, as it soothes the spirit. And you end up with visual evidence of your journey into the sublime.

Learn How to Have an Even More Satisfying Experience

When I was young, my Mom would color with us kids. She taught us how to trace along the black lines with a darker color, then fill in with one or even two lighter colors, shading the transition to make things pop. She taught us to add our own details and patterns. Mom was incredible with a crayon (among many other media), and she passed on the joy of coloring to me.

With Co-Creationals, you get the benefit of instruction on how to up level your coloring skills to painted works on canvas. I love working with transparent liquid acrylic paints on canvas, so I’ll teach you my techniques.  It can be even more satisfying than crayons or even colored pencils on paper. You will discover how to hone your artistic skills in a very pleasant way. Plus, you end up with a truly original piece of art that you can hang on your wall.

Co-Create & Sign Your Own One-of-a-Kind Original

Co-Creationals start out, on the moment’s whim, as an original sharpie pen illustration drawn directly on a stretched canvas. They will typically focus on one of a variety of different subject matters: mostly faces, landscapes, floral motifs, or abstracts. Unlike the current adult coloring book model, these drawings are relatively simple, leaving you plenty of room for your own creative expression. There are pre-drawn pieces to choose from. Beyond that, I am more than willing to draw one especially for you, per your subject matter preferences. Either way, no one else will have the drawing that you have!

Once you have finished painting, sign your name somewhere near my insignia. You can then register and show off your co-created art piece by submitting a photo of it to the community post board (This post board will be invented by 2/1/2017. If you submit your piece before the post board appears on this site, I will feature your piece on my blog in the meantime.) Congratulations! You are then ready to hang or gift your newest original!



When art extracts significance from the artist’s unique experiences, presenting it in some tangible form for our exploration, amusement, or enjoyment, we may find resonance with it and be inspired by it…


A picture is worth a thousand words. Let me illustrate your point, your book, or project. I’ll provide you with original illustrations, reminiscent of virtually any style of your choice, or in my own unmistakable style.

Graphic Designer

The success of your business is directly related to your ability to attract the kinds of clients you want to work with: Clients who will appreciate you. I create graphicss as unique as you to attract your ideal client.